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Has your child ever jumped into Santa’s sleigh, slid down a rainbow or flown up to the sky, zooming past the stars in a magic cape?

At ImagineMe, we are on a mission to unleash kids’ imaginations by creating magical, personalized stories to raise confident, caring and curious kids. Our mission is to make children feel special with personalized books and gifts that celebrate the uniqueness of each child.


ImagineMe was created by a loving Mum of two who believes in the magic of storytelling.

It all started in November 2015 when she decided to create a personalized book for her kid around his Christmas wish. They worked together on writing the story, the illustrations, adding the magical touches to it. And, friends started buying it, transporting their children into Santa’s extraordinary world of fun, where they learn all about the joy of giving.

ImagineMe takes that concept one step further. It leverages the power of technology through a very user-friendly platform where parents and kids can choose their own stories, tailor the narrative and place themselves right at the heart of the book. A magical twister transports the child from a real situation to a realm of fantasy and imagination. We think that the power of imagination is a gift that can enrich childhood and help kids learn in a way that is enjoyable – and that leaves a very positive emotional imprint.


Ingrid works with her own kids to help create really exciting stories that her own kids are excited and inspired by. In fact, you could say that these stories are written by children – for children. All Mom does is add the educational twist to the story to teach those important values of compassion, empathy, inclusiveness and curiosity.

So, every story that will be created will be the kind of story that your own kids will want to be part of. And that’s what makes ImagineMe so special. Gifts that are special, unique and that will stay with your children for a lifetime


'After a career in the corporate world and global education, I had two kids – and that was when I really wanted to give my children a good education to shape their character and build the skills that are needed in today’s world. I’ve decided to become a momtrepreneur and spend quality and fun time with my children in a way that boosts their imagination, education and self-confidence.

I’ve always loved reading , so in 2014 I launched a personalized children’s book business, with the mission to encourage reading at a young age. Because, I believe that when children are in their infancy - between the ages of two and six or seven (the ‘magic years’!) – their brains are developing the most. This is the time when imagination is so important. It is a key component that stimulates creativity and innovation. And I see that imagination come to life every day when my own children sit down with me to think of new adventures.

My kids love helping me create new stories and as ImagineMe grows, your kids too can become involved in helping our small team of big thinkers create wonderful new adventures for all of our children to share.

My kids and I are so excited about the magical journeys that we go on – and I hope we can inspire children all across the world to join us in the wonderful world of storytelling.’

Ingrid Salloum

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